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Jaso J36MAC tower crane renting

Jaso J36MAC tower crane renting. This is a light-series tower crane, yet offers the same features as the other series: they are fast, secure, easy to install, easy to maintenance making and operating. This tower crane has been designed to make works into the city and its usefull in works where the crane supported-charges are not heavy.

JASO designed the City Crane product line especially with square tower sections (1.18 m center to center), light jibs, and modular components parts that can be assembled in less than a day, using small self-erecting auxiliary cranes. The primary use of the City line is on construction sites that use concrete buckets with a capacity of up to 1 cubic meter. All cranes (10 models) in this line work with a single Jacking cage, because all mast sections in this line have the same dimensions.

The crane power is 14.70 kw







11,0 kW

1,5 kW

2,2 kW


5, 20, 40 m/min

40 m/min

0 … 0,8 r/min

Technical Sheet